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Growing Your List with Quizzes with Heather Alice Shea

After taking over two years away to get her Master’s degree, Heather Alice Shea was left with an ice-cold list. She wanted to re-engage her clients, so she decided to create a quiz. She never could have anticipated the results. Not only did she get great engagement, but she also learned a lot about her clients from their answers. 

Heather and Beth discuss what it takes to create an effective quiz. What types of quizzes are there? How many questions should you use? How does your customer avatar fit into all of this? With tags, automation, and world-class customer support, Simplero is the perfect software to grow your list using quizzes.  

Lesson Outline:

  • 1:45 Opt-in quizzes 
  • 4:32 Developmental path
  • 6:40 2 fundamentals 
  • 11:12 Archetypes
  • 13:15 example
  • 15:21 Ideal quiz setup 
  • 17:58 Four questions to answer 
  • 24:25 Learning your audience through quiz question 
  • 30:51 Backend of Simplero 
  • 39:28 Customers are evolving 
  • 42:33 Writing your questions based on an avatar
  • 47:57 Hopes, Dreams, Pains, and Fears


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