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Build a Six Figure Niche Business with Kasim Aslam

I (Stephen) remember when Nido Marketing hit 6 figures...

It wasn't even a year in to the business.

I remember thinking, "Hot damn, he actually did it."

And then my immediate next thought was "how?" (I'm sure you can relate.)

You see, I was there when it started.

Kasim Aslam (the legend himself) and I thought up this idea for a membership business, a side project really. We saw an underserved community with a problem we knew we could solve, so we took the chance.

I helped build the website, write the copy, design the membership site, etc.

But you know what I didn't do?

Scale it to $100,000 within a year.

(still growing, by the way)

Kasim did that (because he's a frickin' wizard). 

And he gave us (and you) an hour of his time to show us how it all works.

  • learn how Kasim gets website traffic (he's a paid ads and marketing ninja)
  • hear how to make an irresistible lead magnet to grow your list (and make sales)
  • see the inner workings of Nido Marketing's Simplero account

Lesson outline: 

  • 3:50 Finding your niche
  • 10:26 Language matters in marketing 
  • 11:43 Partnering with industry thought leaders
  • 13:45 Understanding your Avatar
  • 16:50 Ascension model
  • 25:30 Scalable service 
  • 31:05 Free memberships with paid content 
  • 32:58 Getting traffic to your website
  • 33:45 Facebook Ads. vs. Google Ads
  • 40:42 Conversion tracking on Google
  • 42:03 Exact match search phrases in Google
  • 43:47 Failed Google ads
  • 46:35 Google ad budgets
  • 51:45 Organic SEO
  • 53:25 Content marketing via SEO
  • 58:08 Bookending your value


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