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Tips from Running a Six Figure Coaching Business in Simplero with Dolores Hirschmann

Attention coaches,

Are you getting the most out of Simplero?

Do you have the right systems in place to scale your business?

Is there massive blindspot in your business that's costing you thousands of $ that you don't even know about?

There's a saying: "you don't know what you don't know."

And it's true – which is why we talked with Dolores Hirschmann to hear how she uses Simplero to run a healthy 6-figure coaching business.

Dolores, Chief Clarity Officer at Masters in Clarity and Simplero veteran, is going to show you how to leverage technology to improve every area of your coaching business.

  • Pricing strategy 
  • Creating a beautiful and easy-to-use online portal for your coaching clients 
  • Client onboarding 
  • Making automations work for your team (how to lead your customers through a journey with you)

If you're a coach, you simply can't miss this opportunity to see the inner workings of a high-powered, successful coaching business.


Lesson outline: 

  • 2:37 Info about
  • 5:28 Ways to style your membership site
  • 6:51 Don’t hold back content 
  • 8:50 Lessons set up as mini-courses in Simplero 
  • 11:26 Merging coaching clients and providing online courses
  • 16:35 Working with affiliates
  • 23:33 Make downloads available right away or after 30 days
  • 25:20 Pricing and client onboarding
  • 32:19 Worksheets
  • 34:32 Tips for getting people on your mailing list
  • 39:30 Worksheets pt. 2
  • 41:04 Bundling products
  • 41:15 Offering gifts
  • 44:08 Pricing with Paypal
  • 45:32 Trust funnel
  • 50:21 Building trust with personal stories
  • 51:56 Avoiding unclear messaging 

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Heather Landex

Do you have affiliate contracts within the affiliate system? I have collaborators rather than affiliates. Any recommendations for a template? I want to put the affiliate link on a physical flyer  (although I could also send a digital).

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