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Webinars and Simplero - Partnerships to Grow Your List with Merete Nielsen

Webinars can look many different ways, but they all help you create a personal connection to your audience. You are no longer just an email or a webpage- you are a real person they can connect with! Although you cannot host a live webinar on Simplero, Merete Nielson reviews how to create a list, sign up form, and everything else you need to support your webinar. When you have customers sign up with a form in Simplero, you can also direct them to join your list in Simplero at the same time! It’s a win-win.

Lesson Outline: 

  • 2:03  What is a webinar and why do one?
  • 8:45  Using webinars with your Simplero account
  • 13:59 Managing webinar lists and registration in Simplero
  • 25:57 GDPR when adding to a list 
  • 29:43 2-step signup
  • 31:22 Adding a trigger to the webinar registration link
  • 34:44 Webinars for seniors
  • 38:55 Finding a webinar provider you like
  • 40:37 Stop automations for people who have purchased
  • 42:03 Adding and deleting products


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