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Live Coaching with Jose Luis

Jose Luis has been a coach for many years and is looking for a platform to host his online courses. Calvin helps identify Jose Luis’ roadblocks including launching in multiple languages, his need to have all the details, and fears of making costly mistakes.

Do you know what is holding you back from doing your best work? 

Lesson Outline:

  • 4:10  How committed are you? 
  • 6:10  Launching in multiple languages 
  • 8:30  First steps to selling a course
  • 11:00 Get it off the ground with emails
  • 13:00 Gauge interest from your list
  • 17:50 Getting help in Simplero 
  • 22:00 Successful email sequences using video
  • 28:30 How to engage your customers 
  • 30:10 Fighting fear
  • 35:15 Fear Melters® demonstration 
  • 44:15 Viewer comments 
  • 45:30 This is Marketing by Seth Godin


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