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Live Coaching with Paro Lyngmo

Paro Lyngmo is a voice coach, opera singer, and entrepreneur. She is working to create a course to help her audience members find their authentic voice. Calvin helps Paro commit herself to her work even when she feels resistance. 

As a first-time online course creator, Paro is able to create the course alongside her audience by getting feedback directly from them. Calvin and Paro discuss everything from setting prices to differentiating between fear and excitement. This coaching session gets to the heart of what it takes to sell courses. 

Lesson Outline:

  • 2:50 Getting out of your head and into the work 
  • 5:15 Committing yourself to your work 
  • 10:00 Using physicality to strengthen your commitment 
  • 16:30 Fear vs. Excitement - Fitz Pearls
  • 19:40 Steps to the final goal 
  • 24:45 Identifying who will get the most value from your product
  • 27:05 Determining your price 
  • 32:30 Creating your first course with customer input
  • 37:25 Identifying the “before and after” for your audience
  • 40:40 Naming resistance
  • 45:30 Letting go of the story you tell yourself 
  • 53:20 Visualize the “after” 
  • 57:10 Choosing the language


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