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Live Coaching and Interview with Beth Martens

Watch as Beth Martens, a convert to Simplero, discusses her near-death experience, finding her purpose, and the Archetypes of masculine and feminine.

In this video, Calvin and Beth do a deep dive into self-reflection and finding truth. Beth also takes time to share her decision to join Simplero and what makes the platform a standout choice for her online business. 

Lesson Outline: 

  • 3:30 Finding your purpose 
  • 7:30 Wakeup call 
  • 9:55 Working with archetypes 
  • 32:10 Systematizing your journey
  • 34:15 Alchemizing the tension within yourself 
  • 36:55 Moving through discomfort to find truth 
  • 38:30 Serving others
  • 39:47 Drama Triangle 
  • 42:05 Why choose Simplero?
  • 46:11 Beth’s materials in Simplero 
  • 49:05 Archetype quizzes 
  • 54:21 Beth’s new book, Journey: A Map Of Archetypes To Find Lost Purpose In A Sea Of Meaninglessness


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