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Live with Calvin: The Power of a Customer Avatar

Discovering your Customer Avatar is critical for any business, even for Simplero.

Calvin discusses Simplero’s journey to identifying their Customer Avatar and how you can do the same.  “...speak to the right people, and tell them the right story,” advises Calvin.

Calvin knows the importance of getting to the unconscious driving force not just inside his customers, but inside himself. 

Lesson Outline: 

  • 3:14 Getting clear on who your product is for 
  • 10:05 The four avatar questions 
  • 12:45 Masculinity and purpose 
  • 15:54 Modeling avatars after real people 
  • 16:40 Getting to the unconscious driving force 
  • 22:12 Creating an avatar plan
  • 33:24 Refining your avatar
  • 34:32 This is Marketing by Seth Godin
  • 38:30 Finding emotional connection to your avatar
  • 46:55 Go directly to the people 
  • 48:01 Entrepreneurship and business as methods of personal growth
  • 50:05 Listen to your model avatars

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Bunny Young

Loved this and I am a brand new customer and am totally 100% on board with this avatar!

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