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Live Coaching With Holly Dean

“Notice how you’re doing it. Love yourself. Get back on track.” – Calvin Correli.

Holly Dean has a goal of growing her income by 10x in a matter of months. In this session, Holly works with Calvin to find ways to make herself accountable despite the daily distractions we all face. Calvin shares techniques Holly can use to connect to her body including movement, breath, and even a little play! 

Lesson Outline:

  • 2:00 Consistency 
  • 4:40 Creating accountability 
  • 7:40 Battling distraction 
  • 10:05 Writing advice
  • 14:10  Payoff
  • 18:55 Connecting to your body
  • 22:11 Discipline
  • 24:16 The inner child and being nothing 
  • 33:09 “Creative Joint Play” - Hendricks Institute 
  • 36:05 “Yes Breath” - Hendricks Institute 
  • 44:11 Play 
  • 48:05 Summary 


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