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How to Setup an Opt-In Funnel In Simplero

An opt-in funnel is a type of funnel that allows contacts to enter personal information in exchange for something of value. Having a great opt-in funnel can help you effectively build your email list, create great relationships and connections, and even make sales.

In this live workshop given October 16, 2020 Damon shows you how to setup an opt-in funnel in Simplero complete with a landing page, a custom thank you page, and an attached autoresponder. 

Video Outline - 

  • 0:00 - Welcome and Introduction of Simplero University
  • 4:39 - Opt In Funnel in Simplero
  • 9:00 - What is an opt-in funnel
  • 16:00 - How do I setup an opt-in funnel in Simplero
  • 36:00 - 3 Secrets to a High Converting landing page
  • 44:00 - Q&A 
    • Carol Ann DeSimine : What is confusing to me is that many of the functions of the landing page have to be set up under the list when it seems that they should be associated with the landing page.
    • Heather Landex : I get worried about triggering autoresponders. Its happened, and it was default jibberish
    • Heather Landex : I have a problem too. preorder of a downloadable book, offer to buy the physical book plus shipping..... not sure its possible on Simplero
    • Ange Dove : Can you do it as an auto responder too for dec 12
    • Heather Landex : Do you have Terms and Conditions when they order the physical book/purchases? I need direction, not details.... (disclaimer you're not a legal adviser)
      • Terms and Conditions Generator =

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Shaunna Richards

This was so helpful.  Thanks for explaining everything in such detail.

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