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How to Create the Perfect Autoresponder Series Using The Soap Opera Sequence

An autoresponder series is an amazing asset for your business. 

When used the right way, we're a creating a powerful system that will automatically take prospects and customers, and transform them into super-fans.

Super fans who will be attracted to you (and your brand), and be more likely to purchase everything you put out.

In this training we cover: 

  • What is an Autoresponder series
  • Why set one up
  • How to setup an Autoresponder series in Simplero 
  • What to write in your Autoresponder series
  • How to be a better writer (and yes, you are a writer!)

The Soap Opera Sequence is something I learned from the Autoresponder Madness ($495) training available here:

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Lill Legard

Thank you for this live. Just wondering - there are two options for autoresponder.... What would be the different use?

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Betsy Feyling

What is in the Google Doc? It says access denied.

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