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How to Use Sign Up Forms in SImplero

In this workshop Damon covers adding different types of signup forms to your webpages to increase the number of leads you're able to get. 

Questions from Q&A: 

  • From George Bergmark - Can a Raw Landing Page be converted to a Full Page?
  • From George Bergmark - So if we are, for example, creating a Sign Up for our Investor Forum and someone says they are an "Accredited Angel Investor," can we have them complete a more in-depth form?
  • From Ange Dove to Panelists: How do you make a page smaller?
  • From George Bergmark - 
Is an Event just a Product in Simplero Speak? (Moving from Eventbrite to Simplero)
  • From George Bergmark - Can we schedule people that register for a Webinar in Microsoft Teams using Zap?
  • From Ange Dove to Panelists: 
So how does this all then become an autoresponder?
  • From Jakob Nørgaard to Panelists: Joined too late today - I have a few…A broad questions. When do you recommend to join BUILD in Simplero and when Launch if you are not ready to launch a course right now…
  • From Ange Dove to Panelists: 
If you add onto the autoresponder sequence later, after some people have signed up and it’s triggered, do the older people get the new emails?

  • From Jakob Nørgaard to Panelists: When you are in build mode - can you then make landing page and build your list?


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