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Apart from John’s presentation, here are the questions covered:

  • Jennifer Hill: Is upsell and order bump the same thing?

  • Christi Byerly: What's the most effective way to add a promotion to your content emails? In a P.S.? Other methods?

  • Ronnie Harper (live)

  • Tarek Aad: Is highly designed sales page crucial to have vs high valuable compelling content and offering.

  • Mette Fruensgaard: What if it doesn't work? A lot of our customer does exactly what you'r saying, but at the moment it doesn’t work.

  • Kara Goodwin: If the order bump is also available for sale elsewhere on the site would you offer the bump at a discount?

  • Tiger Singleton: Calvin, please make add ons and order bumps conditional, based on customer tags!

  • Kenneth Nielsen: Challenge, zoom links, figure out what courses people want.

  • Roger/Kingofkingz (live): Best strategy to promote & sell a change method, internal company problems.

  • Leila, Mindset English: Can’t get clients to be part of a group.

  • Jennifer Hill: In-person classes sold via Simplero, convert them to virtual course library. Price point of taking to virtual from $3500-4k.

John also shared a couple resources to help creating high converting landing pages:

  • Example landing page

  • 15 elements every optimized sales page must have (PDF) … download it below here.