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07 - Convert them prospects

Last updated 15 Oct 2021.


Manka Bajaj

Thanks for a superb course! Could you elaborate more on what it means to ask a customer "How do you like to be sold to" Thanks! 

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Scott Wilson

Hi Manka, great question! What we mean here is that everyone has a preferred way of shopping and digesting content. Some customers might prefer bimonthly emails that provide them with updates about promotions and deals- which is more of a hands-off, low-time investment preference, while others may appreciate being taught something first- for example as a part of a free course that is a part of a larger paid package. When you open the conversation with customers about their preferences in how to speak to them about what you're trying to sell, you can make more informed decisions about how, when, and who to deliver your marketing content to to efficiently increase profitability. Not only that, but you'll also gain a better understanding of your customers needs so you can continue to develop your product offerings that line up with what your customers really want. I hope this answers your question!

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