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02 - Simple Customer Research

Welcome to Module # 2: Simple Customer Research

In this module you’re going to discover: 

  • The # 1 Problem with creating a customer avatar and what you can do instead to get answers from real customers. Even if you don’t have a product ready to sell yet! 

  • How to tap into the hidden dialogue going on in your prospects' heads, so that you are speaking their language. 

  • A simple way to discover HOW your customers want to be sold. You’ll never again feel pushy or like a salesperson when you understand how to sell the way your prospects want to buy.

Be sure to leave us a comment with your biggest takeaways!

Last updated 4 May 2023.

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Armando Corrales

Talk to customer. What is biggest pain point. What is my aspiration. Where do I wanna be in the future. 

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